I don’t have a problem falling asleep, so I’ve let my baby listen to this. It’s a decent sound machine, though. I have posted a video of the 24 sounds that are included. There are 8 each for “natural sounds,” “white noise,” and “fans.” “Fans” is exactly what it says: Sounds of different kinds of electric fans. The “white noise” to me sounds like static, but that’s the point. The “natural sounds” have more of a range and are pleasant examples of whatever the topic sound is. You can also loop each sound for 3 minutes and have it then switch to the next sound automatically to do the same. Personally, I’d rather just pick one sound and let it go, but that’s me. The unit comes with what is pictured. You can run it off of 4 AA batteries or a USB connection. It also includes a second connection for charging something else, like a phone or tablet, but you shouldn’t do that if you’re running on batteries. You can set three time periods if you wish, or just let it stay on. I tried it for an hour and it went off when expected. There is also, of course, volume control with 16 volume levels. I don’t know that you’d want it to be too loud, but in a quiet room, it’s plenty loud even when turned towards the lower levels. My video is not nearly at the loudest level, and I haven’t desired to have it too loud, but it sounds good on every level I tried. There’s also a headphone jack, so if you have headphones with their own volume control, you MIGHT be able to customize them to your heart’s content. I don’t know for sure as I haven’t tested that and it’s just an idea. So it is a decent little machine for the price. There are special offers included inside – and it says it has a 12-month warranty if you register within two weeks of purchase – but I have yet to check those out. Again, if you want a quick sample of the sounds, feel free to check out my video. The actual sounds themselves are much longer and more diverse as they play, but to record them all enough to hear that, the video would be huge.