Elementor Pro (2020) – Is It Worth It?

If you’ve stumbled across my blog,  you’re probably looking to find more information on Elementor or Elementor Pro.  You’re probably also on the fence on whether to continue with the free version, or take the leap of faith and upgrade to the Elementor Pro version.  Well you’re in for a surprise and not many bloggers will admit this, but this page you are reading now is created with Elementor Pro.  

I’m also in no way a professional web developer, so you’re getting first hand feedback on the WordPress Plugin.  My goal is to show you the key features an elements to help you make your decision.  

Let’s take a look at what Elementor has to offer.

What Is Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress page builder that has taken WordPress web design by storm. The features and elements are endless, yet simple enough for a non technical person to understand (trust me, I’m one of them). Elementor has all standard templates and it’s made even simpler with it’s drag and drop system. There is also a Pro add-on to add additional developer features and even more widgets.

Elementor is hands down one of the best WordPress page builders that I’ve tried.  I’ve tried a few others such as Oxygen and DIVI but there’s a bigger learning curve to those plugins.  Sometimes the columns or layout doesn’t look the same as when you’re editing and you have to dig into the code.  This problem doesn’t happen with Elementor.  It’s intuitive, rich in features, easy to use, and doesn’t slow down my website – what more is there to ask for.

Let’s get started on the following topics:


Table of Contents

Elementor Overview

Built in 2016, Elementor was built by a group of web professionals who, were frustrated with the extremely slow process of designing websites using the default WordPress page builder.  

Elementor now has grown to 2 million people worldwide, including marketers, businesses, content writers, and developers. This just proves how easy it is to use as it’s being utilized by various types of creators.

To start out, Elementor has a free and paid version. Unlike the free versions of most other page builders, the Elementor free version packs enough powerful features to help you transform your pages from the basic bland WordPress pages, to pages that have bold and clean/crisp content and widgets.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have the budget, the free version of Elementor is a great start for you. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced content writer or you’re looking to get the full fledge features, you might find more value in the Pro version, which we’ll talk about later.

Main Key Features of Elementor

State of the Art Front End Page Builder

Elementor’s core function is a front-end page builder which is fully customizable with drag and drop widgets.  

With a backend page builder, you won’t be able to instantaneously see what the changes until you save and refresh, which is a tedious process..

Think about it this way.  For every little change you make, like changing the color of a heading, you need to hit “Update,” wait a few seconds, and then view your website. You may even need to clear your browser cache which can lead to display issues.

This extremely slow process makes creating WordPress websites so tedious, and this is why I prefer front-end page builders like Elementor.

As a front-end builder, Elementor gives you a real-time preview of the changes you make. Whether you need to add a button and tweak it to get it just right or shift from a single to multi-column layout, you can immediately see the changes you make. For me, it’s way more fun this way and lets me use my time more efficiently.

Here’s how the interface of Elementor, a frontend page builder, looks like:

Adding and tweaking an all-important CTA button has never been easier.

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a list of modules or things you can add to your website like headings, images, texts, videos, buttons, spacer, and more.  

In the Elementor Pro version, you’ll get additional modules such as posts, forms, slides, table of contents, login, testimonials, and Facebook integrations that you can easily add.

It’s as simple as dragging the module to the area you would like the module to appear, adding the content, configuring the settings, and that’s it!

Elementor Blocks

Blocks are preset sections that you can quickly load into your page. About Us, call-to-actions, testimonials, FAQs, list of features, and many more are blocks that can be easily added to your page.

To add blocks, just click the same Folder icon as before and click “Blocks”. You can also search for a specific type of block, just click “Category” and a dropdown list of available categories.

Here are some of the sample blocks available within the free version, and others in the Elementor Pro version.

Once your page is set the way you want, save your template and you can reuse for similar pages that you’ll create for any future projects. 

Elementor Templates

Page templates can save you a lot of time. You can create a specific type of page in just a few clicks. As an example, if you want to quickly make a landing page for a tech brand, there’s a landing page template that you can load into your website in just a few seconds.

Templates can be found by clicking the Folder icon at the bottom of the page. Once you click the Folder icon, a new window will open showing a list of page templates that you can use.

When you’ve found the template you want to use, hover your mouse over it and click “Insert”. Wait a few seconds, and you’ll see the template fully loaded into your page.

If you elect to go with the Elementor Pro version, it unlocks a plethora of additional templates at your disposal.  All templates available in the Elementor Pro version have a pink ‘Pro’ icon at the top right.

Elementor: Pricing & Upgrade Options

Elementor comes in four packaged Options: Free, Personal, Plus, Expert. 

The Free option has all the basic fundamentals that you will need to create your WordPress page.  Though you are limited with the types of elements, blocks, and page templates that are available to you.

If you’re a small business or blogger that only requires 1 WordPress website, the Personal version is more than enough and it unlocks hundreds of elements, blocks, and page templates.

But if you have multiple WordPress websites, or you’re a web designer with multiple clients, the Plus and Expert versions is the way you will want to go.

As for its licensing, really it’s quite simple. Once the license expires because you decided not to renew, you will lose access to future updates, support, and pro templates and blocks.

Elementor Pro’s modules, pop-up features, theme builder features and so on will still continue to work. You can also install the latest version you have on any new websites you’ll create.

A 25% renewal discount to active members and a 30-day money back guarantee for new purchases.  Even if you try Free Version, you will see how easy the Elementor is to use and you will probably want to unlock the additional features.

Should You Upgrade to the PRO Version?

You can get away with building a good page with the free version. But if you want to take it a step further, you can create an amazing page with the Pro version.  

I personally started with the Elementor Free Version for 2 months creating pages.  All was going well and I was 100% familiar with the tool.  But I noticed I began to think “man it would be nice if I could add the Table of Contents into this post”.  Or “damn, this specific block is what I need but it’s under the Pro version.  It really comes down to how details and customized you will want your page to appear.  

Do you want an OK page or do you want an AMAZING page?

Anyways, enough of my personal story, let’s continue with the benefits of pro.  Here are the top reasons why you might want to consider upgrading to the pro version:

Detailed Customization

With any free page builders and any theme, you will be limited to editing only the content area of your page.  You basically have 1 hand tied behind your back (Captain Marvel reference)

Specific areas like headers, footers, archives, and search results pages are almost always locked and would need coding to edit. This is extremely limiting if you want your website to stand out but don’t know how to code.  It’s a hinder to do yourself, but upgrading unlocks many features.

The Elementor Pro version lets you create your own:

Header (you can create more than one Headers and assign them to different pages on your site)
404 page
Single blog post page
Archive page
Search results page


Unlock Pro Templates and Elementor Blocks

Elementor Pro also offers more professionally-made templates and blocks that will help you create stunning websites in no time.

These templates and blocks will allow you to create websites featuring animated headlines, slides, gorgeous-looking forms, and more advanced website features.  Anything with a pink “PRO” label is unlocked for use.


Modules Galore

Elementor Pro has an additional 30 modules that will help you quickly create important parts of a website such as:

  • Forms (opt-in, contact, and login forms)
  • Pricing tables
  • Grid blog posts
  • Price list
  • Countdown
  • Woocommerce features (products, categories, add to cart)
  • Flip box
  • Form integrations
  • Blockquote
  • Media carousel
  • Share buttons
  • Reviews

Elementor's Integrations

The internet and API’s have been a blessing for content creators and businesses.  It allows different products to integrate with each other.  Elementor is no exception to this.

If you have multiple systems for your online business, integrations with other apps such as Zapier, AWeber, HubSpot, ConvertKit and GetResponse will make your life easier.  As an example, if you create a form using Elementor Pro which takes the form information from your potential customer, it will automatically take the data and put it into AWeber for you.  You can then put this new customer into your email funnel within AWeber.

These apps will help you build your email list and increase your conversion rates without ever leaving the Elementor interface.

Elementor: What I Enjoy About It

It’s very easy to learn and use. Once you install it, you can use it right away to create new posts or pages.  The drag and drop system is significantly better than Oxygen or DIVI, and I do find the front end editor does look accurate to the final page.

The Pro version also has all the Page Templates, Blocks, and Modules you will ever need.  

They also have a Help Center where you can find a comprehensive knowledge base, tutorials, and a list of FAQs. This is available to both free and paid users.

Elementor: What I Don't Like About It

With that said, there are a few things that Elementor can improve on to make their users’ lives even easier.

If you’re using only the Free version, they ‘tease’ you with the PRO options listed.  But I guess that’s part of the way they entice you to upgrade to Pro.  They got me on the upsell, but it has made my pages look amazing.

I have had a few issues with creating lag on one of my pages, but their support was top notch in helping me resolve the problem.

Elementor: My Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, this whole page has been created with Elementor Pro.  I could not imagine creating this page with the default WordPress editor, also could not imagine creating a page without Modules, Page Templates, or Blocks.

I’m also not a coder or developer, and Elementor has made it simple and easy for me to create webpages and blogs and the user experience throughout all of the options has made the process seamless.

If you’re going to be creating content and want to make your life a bit easier, give the free version a try.  But if you’re like me, you’re going to want the Pro features to make your page look amazing.

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